I am involved in the ancient art of needle-felting.  All my items are made of pure wool.  To make a necklace, I begin with a small tuft of wool and begin to felt it on a foam pad with a wooden handled needle.  I keep poking the felt until I form a small bead.  I continue to felt the bead until it is dense.   When the bead is finished, I then take other pieces of colored wool, and needle into the bead a design. Each bead is individually made and then designed.  My necklaces have as many as 11 beads, but I also make necklaces with a single wool bead.  I string my necklaces on sterling silver or round leather cord.  I use sterling silver or vermeil toggle clasps.  My purses and handbags are done the same way, except with large amounts of wool layered 5 times to make the piece well-built and strong.

I also use felt punches which have 10-12 needles per punch to felt the wool.  After the piece is finished, I then needle-felt a design into the finished product.  I then “wet” felt the whole piece to make the wool dense.  All purses and handbags are lined and have either a zipper or snap closure.

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