I am involved in the ancient art of needle-felting.  All my items are made of pure wool.  To make a necklace, I begin with a small tuft of wool and begin to felt it on a foam pad with a wooden handled needle.  I keep poking the felt until I form a small bead.  I continue to felt the bead until it is dense.   When the bead is finished, I then take other pieces of colored wool, and needle into the bead a design. Each bead is individually made and then designed.  My necklaces have as many as 11 beads, but I also make necklaces with a single wool bead.  I string my necklaces on sterling silver and leather cord.

To make felted pillows and dog capes I use recycled wool sweaters.  To make the sweaters thicker, I felt them in the washing machine 3 times.  I then add needle felted designs into the felted sweaters. Both pillows and dog capes are fleece lined.

Cat Fish are made from recycled wool sweaters.  They are stuffed with organic catnip (in a burlap bag), and have a decorative yarn.  To order Cat Fish please email me at the address below or contact me (messenger)  through Facebook at Susan Kenna.

Contact me at sgkenna@comcast.net